SMJ Ventilation Equipment

Located in Grand Junction, Colorado since 1996. We have a long history of heavy duty, custom designed mine and tunnel ventilation fans.

SMJ Industrial Mining Fan, Axial flow fans & mining ventilation equipment for a wide range of applications & industries. SMJ Fans designs and manufactures axial flow fans, scrubber systems, starters, and accessories for a wide range of applications and industries. SMJ Industrial Mining Fans & Mining Ventilation Equipment are built to meet your needs.

Custom Fans
  • Permissible Fans (MSHA Approved)
  • Silencers
  • HDA Series Fans
  • Primary Ventilation
  • Tunnel Ventilation
  • Face Fans
  • Contra-Rotating Axial Fans
  • 2 Stage Axial Fans
  • Inline Centrifugal Fans
  • Marine Duty
  • Cassette Systems
  • Industrial Applications

Fan designs from 12 inch diameter to 12 feet diameter

Fan 09
Scrubber Systems
  • Standalone Scrubber System with fan assemblies
  • Scrubbing section retrofit for existing fans
  • Compact with low water consumption
  • Approved under MSHA Sch-2G
  • Low Maintenance
  • Standard and custom designs available
Fan Scrubbers 01


• Guaranteed 85 dBa sound level while operating with SMJ equipment

• Additional fan case and silencer designs available to operate under 85 dBa

• Heavy duty construction for harsh underground operation

• SMJ’s easy maintenance design
• Custom built lengths for any application.

Fan 06
Service & Repair
  • Refurbished Fans
  • Fan Repairs
  • Replacement/Rebuilt Impellers
  • Silencer Retrofits
  • Duct Adapters
  • Blade Castings
Fan 08

Let's Work Together

If you have any questions or have specific needs for your project please contact us to discuss your needs.